The Essential Travel Companion

Whether you are travelling alone or with a large group, there will always be people at home worrying about you. Using Tinad allows you to allay those fears, keep your family informed and your friends alerted. Tinad - Emergency Messenger is the quickest way to tell them you are safe.

One App To Call For Help

Send your location to loved ones so they know you need help

Instantly Email & Message Those Important To You

Create your list of contacts and with one tap, prepare a message that includes your location on Google Maps

Find Help Nearby

Tinad helps you find emergency services nearby. So you can seek medical help or refuge with Police or at a Fire Station

We Hope You Never Use This App

We hope you never find yourself in danger or in an area that is under attack from terrorists or mother nature. But if you do, Tinad - Emergency Messenger will help you through get it

Optimized For iOS9+

Optimised for iOS9 and ensuring total privacy. Tinad does not log your location, it does not send your data into the cloud. Frankly we want you to be safe not stalked by your safety app!

Your Perfect Travel Companion

When you travel with Tinad, your friends and family can rest assured. Safe in the knowledge that you can let them know if you need help quickly. By setting up your emergency contacts you'll save vital moments and ensure you don't forget someone in the heat of the moment.

Turn Your iPhone & iPad Into Safety Gadgets

Tinad - Emergency Messenger is a universal app that supports iPhone and iPad. We aim to roll out support for Apple Watch and Apple TV later in 2016 making a complete ecosystem of emergency alerting. So wherever you go, your contacts will know you are safe, or (and we hope this never happens) they know exactly where to send help. Stay safe out there!
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